Regusci Winery
2000 - 5:30 mins

Directed by: Claudia Laffranchi
DP/Camera and editing by: Alberto Engeli
for TSI-Swiss TV

Napa Valley has been for many years synonimous with good wines. Many of the Valley's most important wineries have been founded by European immigrants: Italian, French, German, and Swiss Italian. This short documentary tells the story of the Reguscis, a family of winemakers whose ancestors came from Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The Regusci winery, located in the prestigious Stags Leap District, is one of Napa Valley's original wineries built in the area. Thanks to the Regusci family and their passion about winemaking, we will also get to know better the story of Napa Valley and its wines.