Get Together for Christmas 2019
2019 - 46 mins (HD)

By Alberto Engeli and Mattia Bertoldi
Camera, Editing and Colorist: Alberto Engeli
Writer: Mattia Bertoldi

As per Christmas tradition, for the fifth consecutive year, in collaboration with my partner Mattia Bertoldi, we have produced a series of 3 mini-documentaries, “Gather Together for Christmas," dedicated to emigration from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland for RSI - Swiss-Italian Television. The three documentaries, each 15 minutes long and aired by "Il Quotidiano" a daily program on RSI, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December 2019, were shot this year in Canada and followed the model invented more than 50 years ago by Dario Bertoni, Sergio Locatelli and Enzo Regusci. Alberto Engeli and Mattia Bertoldi left for Montreal, Québec City and Toronto to meet those on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean who have found work, stability and even love, while maintaining a bond with their homeland. Among the people interviewed were Kristina Wagenbauer, Stefano Rezzonico, Stefano Gianoli, Simone Soldati, and Marina Belzile in the province of Québec, along with Angelina Candotti, Hugo Baumann and Vittorio Frigerio in the province of Ontario.

For those interested to watch the Italian version of the 3 episodes aired on Swiss TV on December 23, 24 and 25 - 2019, here the links.

Per chi fosse interessato alla versione italiana dei 3 episodi trasmessi dalla Tv Svizzera RSI il 23, il 24 e il 25 dicembre 2019, eccovi i links.

episodio 1 - Wagenbauer - Rezzonico - Gianoli

episodio 2 - Soldati - Belzile

episodio 3 - Candotti - Baumann - Frigerio